6 Dripstone Rd, Darwin - Planned network maintenance


Network Operations advises all maintenance at 6 Dripstone Rd, Darwin has been completed. All services are operational. Thank you for your patience. Please reconnect to the network or otherwise contact our Help Desk if you need assistance.


Network Operations advises services at this location are currently unavailable while the network is undergoing maintenance.

Maintenance Planned

Network Operations advises an outage has been scheduled at 6 Dripstone Rd, Darwin for Thursday 31/01/2019 9:00 AM (ACST/Darwin time) to complete network maintenance. Works are expected to take up to one hour. Customers at this location may experience limited or intermittent connectivity on wireless and ethernet services during the maintenance period. VostroNet apologises in advance for any inconvenience. Updates will be posted on our Network Status page - https://status.vostronet.com